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2500 pts High Elves - Magic Heavy

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Hey all. Here is an attempt at my first High Elves army. Let me know what you think. I am going for magic heavy.


- General
- The White Sword (+2 Str, Killing Blow)
- Armour of Caledor (Dragon Armour, 2+ Save)
- Talisman of Saphery (Negates Magic Weapons in B2B)

Archmage (Lore of Life)
- Silver Wand (+1 Spell)
- Obsidian Lodestone (MR 3)


Mage (High Magic)
- The Seerstaff (Choose Spells)

Mage (Lore of Fire)
- Jewel of the Dusk (+1 Power Dice)
- Obsidian Amulet (MR 2)


Lothern Sea Guard x24
- Full Command, Shields

Archers x14

Archers x14


Pheonix Guard x15
- Full Command
- Banner of Sorcery (+3 Power Dice/turn)

Pheonix Guard x15
- Full Command
- Banner of Arcane Protection (MR 2)

Swordmasters x21
- Full Command
- Banner of Swiftness (+1 Movement)

2500 Points

Prince goes with SM. Archmage with LSG. One mage with each PG.

Questions: Do I need RBTs or Eagles? Am I light on core?
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I've not yet seen a HE army without Teclis since 8th came out, so I guess my local gamers are different folks than yours. I dread facing five elves out of six (the sixth being me) now that Blood has rained plastic elves from the skies. I'm sticking with my evil armies.
Take Lore of Life, Dwellers is Teclis's best friend with his strength 2.

That is exactly what I do with my Army. With Brets you get the bonus of the Potion Sacre to go with your Power Stone to force the Miscast/Irresistible.

The World Dragon Banner is less of a worry as it means that unit cannot buffed in any way, no Occams Mindrazor etc etc. Then a unit that size is asking to be Trebucheted, a lot.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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