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2500 pts High Elves - Magic Heavy

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Hey all. Here is an attempt at my first High Elves army. Let me know what you think. I am going for magic heavy.


- General
- The White Sword (+2 Str, Killing Blow)
- Armour of Caledor (Dragon Armour, 2+ Save)
- Talisman of Saphery (Negates Magic Weapons in B2B)

Archmage (Lore of Life)
- Silver Wand (+1 Spell)
- Obsidian Lodestone (MR 3)


Mage (High Magic)
- The Seerstaff (Choose Spells)

Mage (Lore of Fire)
- Jewel of the Dusk (+1 Power Dice)
- Obsidian Amulet (MR 2)


Lothern Sea Guard x24
- Full Command, Shields

Archers x14

Archers x14


Pheonix Guard x15
- Full Command
- Banner of Sorcery (+3 Power Dice/turn)

Pheonix Guard x15
- Full Command
- Banner of Arcane Protection (MR 2)

Swordmasters x21
- Full Command
- Banner of Swiftness (+1 Movement)

2500 Points

Prince goes with SM. Archmage with LSG. One mage with each PG.

Questions: Do I need RBTs or Eagles? Am I light on core?
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I've never be huge on taking special characters. My least fun games have always been against them, like the time I was steam rolled by Eldrad. GW puts them in for fluff reasons to keep a storyline aspect to the hobby, and to attract new blood. A newbie reads about Abaddon, and can then actually go and try him out in a game. Advanced players that have skill that still decide to include them in powerlists are not fun to share a couple of hours with...and honestly, I often see that the person that brings overpowered characters isn't always having fun either.

Thanks for the suggestions T/S. I may drop a mage for a BSB. What is making them so critical? And WLs over SMs? I figured the extra WS and A was better than the extra S and the cloaks. I guess it must be the cloaks that tip the scales?
Just so you don't find yourself in a rules debate with your next/first opponent- the Banner of Sorcery isn't +3 PD, but +d3. Minor difference there.

Good luck.
Ah yeah..worded it wrong. I know its D3. Thanks for the heads up though.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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