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2500 Points Ogre Kingdoms Army

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Overtyrant Greasus Goldtooth - 565 Points
Hunter (Two Sabretusks, The Tenderiser) - 215 Points

6 Bulls (Ironfists, Light Armor, Full Command) - 308 Points
6 Bulls (Ironfists, Light Armor, Full Command) - 308 Points
4 Ironguts (Full Command) - 247 Points
24 Gnoblar Fighters (Groinbiter) - 50 Points

4 Leadbelchers (Bellower, Thunderfist) - 240 Points
Gnoblar Scraplauncher - 165 Points
3 Yhetees (Greyback) - 215 Points

Pirate Maneater (Brace of Pistols, Heavy Armor) - 90 Points
Araby Maneater (Cathayan Longsword, Heavy Armor) - 90 Points
Total: 2493 Points

To get me to 3000 Points
4 Ironguts (Full Command) - 247 Points
4 Leadbelchers (Bellower, Thunderfist) - 240 Points
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It's difficult to comment as the rules for the new edition are not out yet, But from what rumours i've seen I can give a few suggestions.
Full command in any ogre unit is too costly as are most of the upgrades and unless there are some hidden rules changes I will continue to just use plain bulls.
Standard bearers are just free victory points and I've not heard anything to suggest this will change.
Gnoblars with the rumour of being able to fire in more than 1 rank and the new combat rules could possibly be the unit to benefit most from the rules changes and at 50 pts a unit I'd take at least 2.
Lead belchers are the only unit I ever have a champion in unless I'm protecting a character as the ability to split wound means the units effectiveness doesn't drop until you've taken 5 wds rather than 3.
Scrap launchers are difficult to call as the rules concerning artillery are meant to be changing.
3 yhetti's should be enough although I think the added speed they give may be unneccesary now with the rumoured random charge.
Gorgers need to be in 2's otherwise a lone mage can just walk around it and keep it pinned to the spot. (They don't have 360 degree of sight so a character walking just out of charge arc but remaining the closest model will see the gorger unable to do anything but turn and face) With 2 thats easier to overcome.
Looking at the rumours I think that the lone maneater stalling the enemy will be a thing of the past as its just to hard to guess where the charge range of a unit will end and with the supposed change to combat 1 maneater will never stand up to even the most basic infantry but I may be totally wrong.
The characters are another factor that I wouldn't like to guess on either they work or they don't and without the rules its too difficult to call.
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