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My friends and I have been playing at 2000 for a while, and I thought I'd try out making a larger list for the hell of it (I find I overspend on heroes at 2000 and want to see if it's any better with 2500). Advice on what's hot and what's not eagerly sought.

Lords 580

260 Dreadlord on cold one, heavy armor, shield, dragon cloak, ogre blade, dragonbane gem, black egg

320 L4 sorceress with focus familiar, pendent of kaeleth lore of darkness

Heroes 360

225 Death Hag with cauldron of blood, bsb

135 L2 sorceress with lore of fire

Core 784

155 20 spearmen with shields and full command

250 20 corsairs with full command, sea serpent banner

100 10 repeat xbows

100 10 repeat xbows

124 5 dark riders with herald

55 5 harpies

Special 395

210 5 cold one riders with banner of hag graef, ironcurse icon

185 15 witch elves with full command, banner of flame

Rare 375

Hydra 175

2x reaper 200


Dreadlord is with knights, sorceresses are with spearmen or xbowmen. Harpies and Dark Riders are essentially there for war machines, lone characters, and harassment. 20 total xbowmen, 5 riders, 2 bolt throwers should be shooty enough, especially bolstered by 2 wizards. I considered taking lore of metal rather than fire for the lesser sorc, but my enemies are skaven, wood elves, vampire counts and chaos, and while it's great vs chaos, metal isn't as hot against the others.
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