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Hey everyone,

This is my second list ever and my first one was a disaster so, here goes.


Wizard Lord: 350 pts
Options: Level 4
Magic Items: Dispel Scroll
Mount: Celestial Hurricanum


Warrior Priest (Goes with the Greatswords): 115 pts
Options: General, Great Weapon
Magic Items: Armour of Silvered Steel

Warrior Priest (Goes with the Inner Circle Knights): 98 pts
Options: Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
Magic Items: Dragonhelm
Mount: Barded Warhorse

Empire Captain (Goes with Halberdiers): 96 pts
Options: Battle Standard Bearer, Full Plate Armour
Magic Items: Enchanted Shield


30 Spearmen: 180 pts
Options: Full command

29 Halberdiers: 204 pts
Options: Full command

11 Inner Circle Knights of the Blazing Sun: 305 pts
Options: Full Command


29 Greatswords: 364 pts
Options: Full Command
Magical Banner: Standard of Discipline

Empire Great Cannon: 120 pts


Helstorm Rocket Battery: 120 pts

Steam Tank: 250 pts

Steam Tank: 250 pts

Total: 2452 pts (can fit in a magic item)

So there's my list.

Please tell me what i should change.

I'm especially looking for some advice regarding the spearmen and the Wizard lord in terms of protection from uh... CANNONS

(and other things.)

Armies I'm mostly playing: Dwarves, Dark Elves, and High Elves
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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