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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to try my hand at the forces of destruction and what better army then the rats of dooooom! I've practically bought two island of blood sets off of eBay and some boxes of stormvermin and a hellpit to get me started but wanted some thoughts. Mainly this army is what I have, or will have and some of the units I like and would like to take. I'm not trying to be overly competitive and mainly have some fun!

Lords: 610
Queen Headtaker - 215 (General) - Awesome model, awesome rules. Why the hell not?
Ikit Claw - 395 - A funny little wizard I love his rules and model so is a must have for me.

Heroes: 432
Chieftain - BSB - Halberd - Shield - Obsidian Loadstone - Ironcurse Icon - 122 (I'll explain the MR later) gonna make this guy out of one of the lords from the island of blood set.

Warlock Engineer - Level 2 - Channeling Staff - Warplock Weapons - 160 (45 upgrade that's +1 STR & Atk)
Warlock Engineer - Level 1 - Dispel Scroll - Obsidian Trinket - Warplock Weapons - 150
^^ (not sure if the MR stacks so I took it otherwise I'll spend the points elsewhere)

(40) Stormvermin - Full Command - Shields - Queeks Stormvermin - Razor Standard - 550
(I originally wanted these to be 50-60 strong so I could use that +2 frenzy spell on them for additional attacks and use the magic resistance to negate the wounds it does while keeping frenzy up & also explains all the warlocks and Ikit :) )

(60) Clan Rats - 290
Clan Rats - Full Command - 290
(So every rat army must have them so here they are! Is 60 too much though?)

Special: 367
(8) Rat Ogres - Master Bred - 367
(4) Packmasters
(Smashy smashy unit and they were cheap and could be fun. With a potential of 29 strength 5 attacks and 4 stomps at the end this unit may just make it's points back :) )

Rare: 250
Hellpit Abomination - Warpstone Spikes - 250
(We all saw it coming! A question though does the MR stack with his regen?)

Thanks and I hope my army is somewhat pleasing to the eye. With the potential of Queeks unit throwing out 8 attacks at str4 AP from the warlocks, 4 Str6 ignore armour from Ikit and 8/9 attacks from queek that ignore armour I think they will do well. Plus the rest of the boys in the front rank having 3/4 attacks each! (Look ma I'm a warrior of chaos chosen!)

Thanks Guys!

Another quick note I havnt had a chance go read all the rules yet as I am waiting for my codex in the mail! :(. So if anyone can share some light would be great I used army builder to write this list.
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