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Hey, so ive used this list once and it did fairly well, but i need ideas on how to improve it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Lysander 200
-with 10 sternguard 250
-with a drop pod 45
-locator beacon
Marneus Calgar 265
-Terminator Armour

Honor Guard 205
-extra veteran
-chapter banner
-2 relic blades
-combat blade

Command Squad 210
-4 plasma guns
-drop pod

10x Tactical squad 205
-missile launcher

10x Tactical squad 205
-missile launcher


Sternguard mentioned above

Assault Terminators 200

Heavy Support

Vindicator 115

Devastator Squad 190
-2 lascannons
-2 missile launchers

Devastator Squad 170
-2 heavy bolters
-2 plasma cannons

Dedicated Redeemer 240
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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