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Army Name: Hagburt's Ork Punishers

Special Notes
- I'm testing this tonight. It's a "This is what's painted" army, not a "best practices" army. Let me know what you think should be changed, upgraded, discarded, etc! The three mounted lords/heroes go with the Black Knights to make a 10 man unit. The spear-Kapitan goes with the spears, Helga goes with the Great Swords, and the Battle Wizard goes with the Free Company. The warrior-priest escorts the Flagellants, of course!

Hagburt, Lord of the Black Knights (General of the Empire) @ 195.0 Pts
-General; Full Plate Armor; Shield
-Sword of Swift Slaying
-Shroud of Magnus

Helga, Lady of the Reik (General of the Empire) @ 150.0 Pts
-Armour of Meteoric Iron
-The Crimson Amulet
-Hammer of Judgement

Gustav Whitecloak, Grey Guardian (Wizard Lord) @ 255.0 Pts
-Magic Level 3; Lore of Shadow
-Dispel Scroll
-Armour of Tarnus
-Dragonbane Gem


Battle Wizard of the Amethyst Order @ 140.0 Pts
Magic Level 2; Lore of Death
Channeling Staff
Ruby Ring of Ruin

Spear-Kapitan Dak Helmut (Captain) @ 104.0 Pts
-Pistol; Full Plate Armor
-Sword of Justice

Jergen Bauhaus, Bannerbearer of the Black Knights (Captain) @ 147.0 Pts
-Barding; Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard
-Warrior Bane
-Holy Relic

Warrior Priest of Sigmar @ 142.0 Pts
-Prayers of Sigmar; Shield
-Obsidian Amulet
-Gambler's Armour


12 Flagellant Warband (Core) @ 130.0 Pts
-Frenzy; Flail
-Prophet of Doom

30 Free Company @ 170.0 Pts
-2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician

15 Handgunners @ 155.0 Pts
-Empire Handgun; Standard; Musician
-Marksman, Repeater Handgun

10 Archers @ 80.0 Pts
-Normal Bow

20 Spearmen @ 140.0 Pts
-Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician


21 Greatswords @ 270.0 Pts
-Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Standard; Musician
-Standard of Arcane Warding
-Count's Champion

7 Black Knights of Morr @ 222.0 Pts
-Barding; Full Plate Armor; Standard; Musician; Warhorse
-1 Preceptor

1 Great Cannon @ 100.0 Pts
1 Great Cannon @ 100.0 Pts

Total Army Cost: 2500.0

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Well, they were punished by the orks. I was doing fine until the Free Company decided to retreat in the face of the enemy, and then there were the Fanatics. Went from nine knights to...one. Damn fanatics.

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I dont think greatswords will earn their points back most of the time, a basic mans profile and ASL doesnt exactly equal win IMO, but you know there stats already. I would say more flaggellants, dont know where to free the points as thats up to you, but nothing says Rawr like a bunch of unbreakable self mutilating guys with flails!

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If you are facing O&Gs as your main opponent, then you should invest in a mortar or rocket battery. In my opinion, FC should only be used as an attachment, not as a separate unit. You also don't have the very common choice of Halberdiers (maybe on purpose) that would help against the T4 orks that would be in the O&G armies out there.

Also the cannons are Special Choices, not rare.

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No, I didn't choose halberdiers cause they're not painted yet. I have 40 waiting on the prep table, so that's going to be a choice later. I like a big block of pirates, I know, it's a theme thing. Though likely they're going to retire into a 20-man detachment of my halberdiers.
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