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TIM/STEVE has covered most of the important points. Bulls without the expensive upgrades are the way to go this edition and I only take 1 unit of ironguts these days purely for the Runemaw banners ability to protect me against the more dangerous magic.
gnoblar trappers are fairly pointless in this list other than for the extra scraplauncher but for the same points you've spent on both units you could get 2 units of 24 gnoblars chucking out 48 shots each, Now admittedly against well armoured troops you'll struggle to kill anything but sheer weight of numbers puts you at an advantage and each unit only needs to kill a few things to make back it's points. Ideally use these to kill his globadiers and censer bearers as these will screw your ogres big time.
As tim/steve said champions are too expensive to justify the only exception to this is with the leadbelchers as you can split wounds between him and your normal ogres meaning your opponent(or you) need to inflict 5 wounds rather than 3 before you lose an ogre.
With the Tyrant sword of battle would help kill more than sword of striking as generally you'll hit the skaven fairly easy with WS6 so more attacks = more dead rats, and it's cheaper.
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