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Tyrant: 296
- Sword of Striking
- Talisman of Preservation
- Potion of Foolhardiness
- Giantbreaker
Other then getting the points cost wrong its not a bad set-up. If an item is in the rulebook and the army book you must use the points cost from the army book- so sword of striking is actually rather expensive... meaning you have 105pts of 'magical' upgrades. I assume you also have heavy armour, which you need but havent shown (total points with HA 311pts). Drop the potion of foolhardiness and you'll be fine (but cost 306pts)


Butcher: 150
- Wyrdstone Necklace
fine, but I would use a basic slaughtermaster instead. For 50pts more you get +2 to cast/dispel everything and all your buffs have a 12" range not a 6" range. At 2k you can have a 300pt tyrant and then a basic slaughtermaster... but at 2.5k you can afford equipment too. I would give him bloodcleaver, skullmantle and wyrdstone/talisman of preservation or 3 thiefstones/ (you can give the tyrant the armour of destiny- its cheaper then HA+talisman but does use +5pts extra of the magical equipment)


8 Bulls: 354
- Light Armour
- Full command
If you use light armour then take ironfists for the 6+ at range, 5+/6++ in combat... personally I just use them without any upgrades and just use the points on more ogres (and means I get to use my ogre clubs to have armour piercing on all my attacks): 35pt ogre with armour piercing, 38pt ogre with 6+ save or 43pt ogre with 5+/6++ in combat... I just dont see the extra upgrades being worthwhile
For command I never take champions: +1A for the price of a whole ogre just seems wrong to me. Banners and musicians are certainly worth it.

8 Ironguts: 434
- Full Command

8 Ironguts: 434
- Full Command
champions are a little more worth it, but I still wouldnt bother (although they can go hunting those bonus 50VP for champs killing characters in challenges)

20 Gnoblar Fighters: 40

8 Gnoblar Trappers: 48
bit of a waste, but needed for the launcher (boo-hiss)


Gnoblar Scraplauncher: 165

Gnoblar Scraplauncher: 165
yeah, everyone loves a scraplauncher

4 Leadbealchers: 240
- Full Command
champ is well worth it on leadbelchers for wound allocation. I personally hate leadbelchers, but some love them... if they work for you take them.


Slavegiant: 175
not as good as it used to be... but a better bullet magnet. I almost always use mine just because I find it fun to use.

Army Total: 2501

Idea is that tyrant and butcher go in the bulls, to take up wounds, with a unit of ironguts on each flank. On one end I have the scraplaunchers, and on the other I have the gnoblars and the giant. This army’s mainly gonna be facing clan pestilence skaven, so lots of attacks and frenzy. Butcher’s there more for buff than damage, since they’re all ld 10 within 12” of the general, and unbreakable if they have the plague furnace, they carry huge units and t4 so s2 isn’t gonna do much either…

also tyrant's equipped the way he is since i want him killing lots of models rather than challenges, since skaven'll more or less always get steadfast, so 6 attacks at s6 with +1 to hit sounds good to me.

Any suggestions?
Tyrant is a good set up for killing rubbish, personally I would equip him for damaging characters and send him at the bell+grey seer thats almost certainly at the centre of the enemy army (or whoever they have got as their general) or use him to smash through hellpits/doomwheels/plague furnaces.

I wouldnt take ironguts against skaven all that much. Bulls are pretty much just as good and you get far more wounds of them... and in a game against hoard skaven you'll need them.

As for tactics, if he is using clan pestilense then just stay back and wait- he should have little shooting and only short ranged magic. So let your scraplaunchers grind down the larger units: you want to be placing the template so it just grazes any bell/furnace since as soon as a part of the template hits the bell all models on its base are hit, so you have a decent chance of killing the grey seer riding on it.

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8 Bulls: 342
- Extra Hand Weapon
- Bellower
- Standard Bearer
Point well made on the light armour and champion, although i'm going for extra hand weapons since it's an extra 4 pts for an extra s4 attack (possibly s5 with gut magic), and armour piercing doesnt really play much of a roll in things since his best armour is light with no shields, so either way he gets no saves.

... ... ...

4 Leadbealchers: 240- Full Command
Ill keep these, I tend to get lucky with atillery dice rolls, but I don't see how I can allocate wounds onto the champion....could someone explain?
Well with the bulls you have to remember that it isnt as easy as +1attack for +4pts... its +32pts for 2-4 attacks (depending on the frontage and how many characters you have in the unit). For every ogre not in the front rank you are paying points to only get worse, although if you are playing against skaven with no shields then its not a big issue (although I very rarely tailor lists to 1 enemy).

With the leadbelchers: when you get shot at, if you have a champion and dont have 5 rank and file models then any shot can hit the champ. This means that all shooting against leadbelchers (who cant have a champ and 5 rank and file) will always have to randomise the wounds onto different models. So if you have 4 leadbelchers, one of which is the champion for every hit you would roll a dice, declare a number to be each model and roll dice for each (obviously since you dont have 6 models keep re-rolling any 5s or 6s). So if I had 10 hits against the unit, declared the champ as 1 and 2-4 as normal leadbelchers I would roll the dice: 1,1,,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,6- reroll the 5s and 6 and get 2,3. So I have two 1s (2 hits on the champ) and then 8 2-4s (for 8 wounds on the unit). I've taken 10 wounds but only lost 2 ogres (the champ has 1W left, and so does a normal leadbelcher).
Its not a guarentee that you'll take 5W before losing an ogre, but it can help you keep more guns in the unit for longer.

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Well no and yes but no...

You need a hunter to take each additional unit of trappers, you dont need one for the first (thank god).

A slaughtermaster is a lord, but isnt a lord choice... such things no longer exist. In 8th the only limit on lords is that the sum total of all lords cannot exceed 25% of the points limit.
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