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Looking to have a swarm if boots backed up by tanks and artillery. I can go for either a 2k list or 2.5k, either is fine. I have yet to play a game of 7th so this may not be pretty. Any comments appreciated!

Tank commander with 3 Leman Russ Vanquishers- 435
Tank commander with 3 Leman Russ Battle Tanks- 480
Vendetta Gunship- 170
Wyvern Battery- 65
Wyvern Battery- 65
PCS with vox- 35
PCS with vox- 35
5 Infantry squads, one with vox- 255
5 Infantry squads, one with vox- 255
50 Conscripts 150
50 Conscripts 150
Ageis defense line with Quad Gun 100
--2195 points

I also plan on putting in:
-Priests to go with the blobs (plan on the zelots and prayers rules to get them up the board, on objective, or into combat)
-psykers for the armor/ blob prescience
-an enginseer or two for backfield support with tank repair and power of the machine spirit

-How many priests, psykers, and enginseers would be recommended to put in?
- Any commissars?
- 2 tank commanders worth it? Plan on the BS4 helping, but mostly the split fire for a potential of 3 separate targets for each squadron when coupled with the enginseer
- If I keep the 2 tank commanders, should I go for a third Heavy support, is this fine as is, too much?
- Too much in the way of troops? Plan on clogging up lanes, shooters, deathstar units, etc. 200 plus troops could do a lot, and not very much in the way of points
- Add or take away options for the troops?
-Is the ADL the same in cost and ability as last edition? I would prefer not to buy a stronghold book if at all possible. Is a different fortification recommended?

Tactics: Simply, the tanks stay back with backfield support and a few bodies. They shoot at any threats, split fire where needed. Very straight forward.
Troops Hold objectives, act as speedbumps, get into combat where needed. Fearless really will help I think. Simple again.

Sorry for the lengthy post, and thanks for any help!
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