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So I recently started collecting VC and realized I have a lot more of an army than I thought. Here's what I'm thinking:

Count Mannfred

- lvl 2 wizard
- lore of the vampires
- dispel scroll
- master of the undead

- lvl 2 wizard
- lore of the vampires
- dark acolyte
- beguile
- rod of flaming death
- shield & heavy armor

Zombies x 20

Zombies x 20

Skeletons x 25
- full command
- screaming banner
- spears

Dire wolves x 15
- doom wolf

Crypt ghouls x 30
- ghast

Crypt horrors x 3

Corpse cart
- unholy lodestone
- spear

Blood knights x 5
- full command
- banner of blood keep

Mortis engine
- blasphemous tome

At the moment, the only real play I have for changes is in the characters. I'm slightly worried that I have too much magic in the list, what with 3 wizards with 19 spells between them. But I'm relying on mannfred to generate more power dice and master of the black arts to ensure good magic phases.

My strategy is to put mannfred in the ghoul unit flanked on either side by zombies. Behind will be the skellies with my other two casters flanked by my corpse cart and mortis engine.

The crypt horrors will protect the mortis engine, and the blood knights and dire wolves will advance on whichever of my enemy's flanks seems weakest.

Ideally, the ghouls and mannfred will get stuck in early so he can start making power/dispel dice, using lore of death to deal with any troubling characters. The other two casters will raise as many models as they can and throw as many extra wounds to mannfred as they can.

Any thoughts on how I could improve this list to take on all comers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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