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2500: Lots o' Locks List

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Eldrad 210
8 Warlocks 246
Embolden, enhance, 2 spears, 2 destructor
Wave Serpent 145
Tl Bright lance, spirit stone

Bike Seer 175
Fortune, doom, spirit stone, bike, runes of witnessing
8 warlocks on bikes 406
2 Embolden, enhance, 2 spears, 2 destructor

9 Howling Banshees 161
Exarc, agility
Wave serpent 145
Tl bright lance, spirit stones

6 Fire Dragons 108
Exarc, dragon’s breath *

10 storm guardians 127
Warlock (destructor), 2 flamers
Wave Serpent 125
Tl Scatter lasers, spirit stone

5 Dire Avengers 60
Wave Serpent 115
Scatter laser

9 Dire Avengers 150
Exarc, shimmer shield/power weapon, defend
Wave Serpent 145
Tl bright lance, spirit stones

Falcon 180
Eml, pulse cannon, spirit stone, holo-field *
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That is a bunch of locks sir. I like to run a lot as well. I usually don't run that many on bikes though I usually go with 4 or just put the seer in a group of guardian bikes with a single warlock.

Nice mobile list though. When those seer councils hit the line your opponents are going to cry. You almost don't even need the fire dragons as the warlocks can deal with tanks with no issue. just a thought
Dragons are more reliable though, as they cannot be shut down by Null Zone and Psychic Hoods.

Banshee Exarchs without an Executioner are literally a complete waste of time.

I am also greatly concerned by your only taking 6 Fire Dragons in a 2500 ponit game, irrespective of Seer Council. For way of example - I would expect IG players to be fielding around 24 tanks to your 6. Stopping you from moving and shooting becomes very easy, and, while they cannot halt the Jetlocks easily - enough Flashlights, and they WILL die. If they get first turn, and have sufficient Hydras? You lose the Bikes, if they can be seen. If this were a 2k army, I'd be somewhat confident it could do okay. At 2500, the game is all about the Alpha strike - and you have very little Damage Output, and therefore cannot actually provide one - and have no Autarchs to avoid one.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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