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Hi Guys.

I am going to a tournament in a month and have been out of the competitive scene for a long time. Was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on my Legion of Chaos list and I welcome any constructive feedback. Will try to explain my choices as best I can. Also this tournament has composition rules, I wont go into all of them, but the main ones that affect me are:

• A non-character unit cannot cost more than 500 points in total including command and all upgrades/magic items, or may be greater than 50 models in size.

• Maximum 1 Skull Cannon of Khorne if any model with the rule 'Daemon of Nurgle' is taken.

• Third Eye of Tzeentch cannot be taken on a model that has the Armour of Destiny / Talisman of Preservation.

Anyway, onto the list:

Chaos Lord, MoT, Hellfire Sword, ToE, Enchanted Shield, Soul Eater, Third Eye of Tzeentch, Chaos Dragon.
(This Guy is the huge hitting power of the army, with the ability to kill pretty much anything in his path. I tried to make up for the Hellfire swords weakness with a good ward save and Soul Eater)

Sorcerer, Lv2, Dispel Scroll. (Fire)
(Basically I just like having a scroll to stop that really important spell and felt lore of fire was a reliable lore as I can just cast the occasional fireball.)

Exalted Hero, BSB, MoT, ToP, Charmed Shield, Disc.
(I have used a flying BSB before and felt it offered a lot of options. Allows me to get that re-roll where I need it, keep my BSB safe and have another threat for war machines and small units.)

15 warriors, Full Com, MoS, Halberds, Banner of Eternal Flame.
(I Love Warriors with Halberds, 2 ws5 s5 Attacks Each, Yes Please. With Banner they can take out pesky Regen units and Slaanesh means I don't need to worry about panic or them becoming ws 1 due to fear or terror when they face monsters; I know I have the BSB but Slaanesh just eliminates all risk.)

15 warriors, Full Com, MoN, Shields.
(This unit is designed as a tarpit. Slow down a big scary unit so my Flyers have time to flank them)

5 Warhounds
(expendable misdirection unit number 1)

5 Marauder Horsemen, Standard
(expendable misdirection unit number 2, except this unit have a banner for the Blood and Glory game so I have 6 fortitude)

Chimera, Regen, Flaming Breath.
(Big scary monster who can take and dish out a lot of punishment)

5 Furies, MoK.
(Annoying unit, who with S5 on the charge can easily take out Warmachines)

Skull Cannon
(These things seem awesome to me. The cannon help me eliminate anything that might be a threat to my Lord - e.g other cannons, other lord monsters - and still have a hard hitting chariot to back up my warriors)

Skull Cannon
(Same reasons as before)

Total 2395

The overall plan of the army is for the 2 warrior units to advance with the skull cannons, who will shoot anything big a scary my opponent has. Meanwhile my Lord and Chimera will deal with flanking forces before converging with the warriors. My BSB will supply support where needed and my expendable units will help me get the fights on my terms.

So What do you guys think? Like I said before any constructive feedback would be brilliant.

Happy Gaming!
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