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Hey guys, I'm wondering what I should buy/change as I have a large point tournament coming up soon. :)


Captain [150 pts]
Artificer armor
Thunder hammer
Storm shield

Command Squad [191 pts]
Company standard
Company champion
Power fist
Power sword
Storm bolter X2

Librarian [125 pts]
Terminator armor


Tactical Squad I [195 pts]
10 Marines
Heavy bolter
Plasma gun
Plasma pistol

Tactical Squad II [195 pts]
10 marines
Multi melta
Plasma gun
Plasma pistol

Tactical Squad III [170 pts]
10 marines
Rocket Launcher
Bolt pistol

Scout squad I [227 pts]
10 Scouts
Sniper rifles
Heavy bolter
Sgt Telion
Camo cloaks

Scout Squad II [129 pts]
8 scouts
3 shotguns
5 combat blades
Power weapon

Rhino I [45 pts]
Hunter-seeker missile

Rhino II [35 pts]

Drop pod [55 pts]
Deathwind missile launcher


Dreadnought I [125 pts]
Assault cannon
Heavy Flamer
Close combat arm

Dreadnought II [145 pts]
Twin-linked lascannon
Missile launcher

Techmarine [90 pts]
Full servo harness
Power weapon

Servitors [80 pts]
3 servitors
X2 heavy bolters

Fast Attack

Bike squad [195 pts]
5 bikes
Power fist
Melta bombs
X2 melta guns

Heavy support

Predator [140 pts]
Twin-linked lascannon
Heavy bolter sponsons
Storm bolter

Comment and criticism would be greatly appreciated guys :)
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