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So I've been planning to get back into Warhammer for a while now, and have finally got around to building my first army, and I need a lot of advice. (Last time I played was about 14 years ago, and it wasn't too serious) After I read the Orion book series I decided I wanted to go with Wood Elves, for better or worse, because I enjoy their fluff a lot, and like the concept of a shooty army. The local store that hosts Fantasy games says they usually run 2250 point armies so that's what I've built this around.

So here's what I've been able to get (through some clever Ebay bidding, and the already painted ones look pretty damn good, I expected worse), I don't have any idea what to put for magic items, or which lores to choose for the casters, so any help is appreciated! I've tagged random magic items in Army Builder just to get a rough idea of where my points are at.

General: Treeman Ancient (Strangeroots) (Level 4 Wizard)
SpellWeaver (Dispel scroll?)
Shadow Dancer (Level 1, Lore of Shadow) (Possibly Bow of Loren to mix in with a ranged unit)
Glade Guard x10 (Flame Banner) (Hagbane)
Glade Guard x10 (Hagbane)
Glade Guard x10 (Hagbane)
Glade Guard x10 (Hagbane)
Special Units:
Deepwood Scouts x6 (Hagbane)
- Champion
Wardancers x7
Rare Units:
Treeman (Strangle-roots)
Waywatchers x5
- Champion

Most of what I'd chose was from reading different opinions on the newest Wood Elf books. I've opted out of dryads after reading a lot of bad things. I've got the treeman, and treeman ancient in there to back each other up while holding up melee troops. I would have just done two treemen but I can't afford that in my Rare budget with the waywatchers, but I didn't want to have just one treeman as my only real melee anvil.
I didn't opt for any cavalry yet, as I wasn't sure if it was worth the points or not. The shadow dancer and wardancers I loved in the books and wanted to incorporate them into my army. I had read fairly good things about both.
My general theory from watching games, is use the treemen to draw melee characters/hordes in, bring in the wardancers/shadow dancer to back up the treemen after they've engaged, and shoot a ton of arrows. Sounds great in my head.

Any tips, especially on Lores/Magic Items, would be greatly appreciated. I had read hagbane were the best arrow to go for but if I'm wrong let me know. Also any advice on where and how to organize my characters. And if I should turn some of those glade guard into additional scouts/watchers.

Thanks for any help!
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