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So, here's what I've been kicking around lately. Yes, it's lame to have 80 Black Orcs in an army. But when you fight shooty armies that insist on having a bunch of hills on their side... :roll: you learn to adapt and make sure that something mean gets there. And when there aren't multiple organ guns parked on a hill, then I've got the goblin screens. The army's real weakness is the lack of magic, really... but I've never much cared for magic. It's more fun to be choppy, even if it is a fault. Mork's Spirit Totem helps a bit with that, since the BSB's unit adds their rank bonus to the dispel pool, so I'm not basically relying on one shaman for everything.

-Garbuz Snotmuncha, Black Orc Warboss
--General, Heavy Armour, Shield, Ulag's Akrit Axe, Bigged's Kickin' Boots, Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At.

-Ugg Da Basha, Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer
--Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Choppa, Mork's Spirit Totem

-Razza Necksnappa, Black Orc Big Boss
--Heavy Armour, Shield, Martog's Best Basha, Horn of Urgok

-Zog 'Eadbanga, Orc Shaman
--Level 2 Big Waaagh! Magic, Two Dispel Scrolls

Core Units/
-Runty Screen Numbah One
--30 Night Goblins with hand weapons and shields

-Runty Screen Numbah Too
--30 Night Goblins with hand weapons and shields

-Runts on Crawly 'Fings
--5 Spider Riders with spears, shortbows, shields, and a musician

-Runts on Creepy 'Fings
--5 Spider Riders with spears, shortbows, shields, and a musician

Special Units/
-Snotmuncha's Stormboyz
--19 Black Orcs. Full Command, Shields, Nogg's Banna of Butchery

-Ugg's 'Ard Boyz
--19 Black Orcs. Full Command, Shields.

-Razza's Necksnappas
--19 Black Orcs. Full Command, Shields.

-Krug's Killaz
--20 Black Orcs. Full Command, Shields.

Apart from cries of how lame it is (and believe me, I know... it's the only way to make it competitive against the other armies around here, which would be at home in a 40k firing line, I think... 9 out of 10 games are vs. a dwarf or empire firing line because I'd swamp 'em with Boyz...) let me know what you think.

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i like the list it has inspirted my army but y not a range weapon and y 2 units of goblins of 30 with no fanatics id say drop 1 unit of goblins add 3 fanatics to the other and add a rock lobba and a chairot or two

but thats what i think from experience's but i like the list im a big fan of black orks
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