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Im posting this for a buddy whos too lazy to get his ow sn. He knows even less that me in the rules of fantasy, and he doesnt even have an army book; but, with army builder we came up with this:

general, ogre club, the tenderiser, mastondon armor
300 pts

hero, ogre club, harpoon crossbow, light armor, brahmir statue, 2 sabertusks
220 pts

ogre bulls:
core, 6 bulls, crusher, bellower, standard bearer, ironfist, light armor
308 pts

core, 4 ironguts, gutlord, standard bearer, bellower,great weapons, heavy armor
242 pts

gnobular fighters:
core, 24 gnobulars, groinbitter, hand weapon, sharp stuff
50 pts

Special, 4 leadbelchers, thunderfist, bellower, leadbelcher cannons, light armor
240 pts

special, 3 yhetees, greyback, yhetee ice weapons
215 pts

special, 3 yhetees, greyback, yhetee ice weapons
215 pts

rare, 1 giant
175 pts

total:1965 pts

what else could we add/remove/change to this list to make it better/get it to 2250 points?

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Try making another list with units of 3...

Bulls are pretty nice, but should not have any upgrades other than, perhaps, a bellower. Most experienced OK players opt for only a single unit of 3 Bulls with no upgrades. Ironguts are ideal, and most lists will have 2 or 3 units of 3, or sometimes 4, models. Bellowers are often common upgrades here, though rarely you'll see a full command when accompanied by the Tyrant.

Gnoblars are pretty cool, but are not worth upgrading. Units of 20 will earn double their points back plus some just by sitting back in your deployment zone and claiming table quarters while the rest of your army advances. Don't neglect adding Gnoblar Trappers to your list. The shooty skirmishers add a much needed element to your army.

Leadbelchers are an iffy choice.... Personally, I liked running them in pairs. When not shooting their cannons, they are just as potent as Bulls. Yhettees are often fielded just as you listed, and work well, provided your army gives your opponent something better to concern themselves with. Shooting and magic will erase these two units quickly if they are not supported by multiple Ogre units.

Be wary of the Slave Giant. While the Giant is cool, and can do substantial damage to elite units, it often has a difficult time against fully ranked units and war machines. Any character designed to kill other characters will usually remove the Giant from play in one turn. Also keep in mind that the Giant is the only large target in your list, and will most likely attract all the war machine fire for the first turn (most likely the last turn for the giant).

The Tyrant is pretty hard for a character offensively, but defensively he's a push over. He needs to stick with a unit for protection from missile fire. The weapon you issued is pretty standard, as are the Long Strider big name and the Gut Maw.

What the list is really lacking is any sort of magical protection. A Butcher or two will go a long way toward protecting your list, and adding a bit of variety to the game during the magic phase. Most competitive lists will have 3, though many play with two and do well. The Hunter is a nice model, but the rules for him have made the unit sub-par with any of the other character options. The points will be wasted in 9 out of 10 games on a Hunter. Shame, really. Also, if the list MUST have a Hunter, then be sure to take advantage of the special rule that allows and additional Trapper unit per Hunter in the army.

Hope this was of some help. Ciao.
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