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Thanks for the tips. Here's the revised list, so far:
Battle standard bearer, Focus of mystery, Focused Rumination, Plaque of Dominion, Cupped hands of the Old Ones
Skink Priest

Saurus Scar-Veteran #1
Sword of swift slaying, light armor, shield
Saurus Scar-Veteran #2
Gold sigil sword, light armor, shield

Slaan: Don't need the plaque as he will be in the temple guard and you already get a 2+ LoS followed by a 4+ ward and 5 wounds. I would recommend the disciplines that let you know the entire lore, the one that gives you an extra PD for each spell, and the one that removed enemies 6s. Make sure he is a BSB as well

Skink Priest should be on an engine of the gods. Park that thing adjacent to those ghouls and start throwing out burning alignments. Just keep it out of LoS for charges. This thing DROPS undead units quickly. I would also consider a dispel scroll.

2 Scar-Vets is probably overkill. I'd take one and stick it with the temple guard to make sure that unit can munch through nearly everything. I would probably build mine something like this: Sword of Strife, dragonhelm, shield, light armour. 2+ save and 6 attacks I believe, great for mowing down RnF. Our scar vets won't stand up to combat vampires so don't bother.

[Saurus Warriors
24 with full command, hand weapons and shield
Saurus Scar-Veteran #1 with this unit

Saurus Warriors
24 with full command, hand weapons and shield
Saurus Scar-Veteran #2 with this unit

Saurus Warriors
25 with full command, hand weapons and shield

Looks good, I assume your running 6x4. Remember, if you plan on including characters, you can drop a model from the unit and still have full ranks. Might be able to cut a few points to add some goodies elsewhere.

12 with javelins and shield

12 with javelins and shield

I still think blowguns are better but if these work for you. Why 12? 10 will save you a few more points. They're throw away so you probably want to give you enemy as few VP as possible.

Temple Guard
20 with musician and standard bearer
Slann with this unit

I'd add the champion, just for the extra attack. Personal preference though. If you throw in your scar vet like I advised above, then def. include champ.

Salamander with extra handler

Salamander with extra handler

Good, don't need the extra handler though. You'll need at least 2 misfires to statistically make then take a reaction test. Most likely you'll only get 2 rounds of shooting (less if ghoulkin around) and hopefully not misfire both times.

Based on feedback here and on other sites, as well as my thoughts while tweaking the list, I made the following changes to the original:

Dropped the dispel scroll on a skink shaman.
Ditched the second skink shaman with Tepok.
Beefed up both the temple guard, and the third unit of Saurus.
Dropped two groups of ten skinks, raised remaining units up to twelve.
Dropped the three kroxigor.
Split the salamanders into two units of one.
Added a second scar-veteran, and gave each magical weapons to get initiative against his vampires.
Made the slann the BSB and beefed him up a bit.

It's sounding like I should be using Lore of Light, is that going to be best for this? I considered putting the skink priest into a unit of the skinks to help keep him safe, but I shouldn't be facing any missile weapons. Good idea? Bad idea?
I sort of made the list an all-comers list. I would look at taking lore of life still. The shield of thorns can really help whittle down the larger blocks you're stuck in combat with. The increased T helps against combat vampires chewing through your RnF. and being able to revive your temple guard/warriors is just win. An IF dwellers coupled with giving your miscast to their vampire can decimate his horde unit of ghouls and neuter one of his casters. Having regen somewhere helps as well. All in all, its the best lore for lizards and it helps getting use to it wherever you can.

Also, I would look at throwing in 2 units of chameleon skinks (6-8 models each) to deal with future warmachines/solo casters. To find points, I would probably cut the third unit of warriors.

Hope this helps.
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