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The key with VC is killing his Vampire lord. Once you do that, his units will start to fall apart. Another thing to do on the slann is take becalming cogitation (removes 6s from a caster withing 24 inches), this will destroy his casting attempts and make your dispels much easier. Also, I would combine the two units of skink cohorts and add those 3 krox back into them. The skinks are a throw away unit and little more than a Krox delivery unit. He cannot target the krox in combat, he has to kill all the skinks first. Use this unit (6 base movement) to flank for the saurus.

Another thing to think about is using those chameleons (you will have to proxy one or two skinks as chameleons for the base 5). Chameleons are awesome in 8th edition. These guys can start 12 inches away from his troops (in the open) and march 12 inches and still fire 12 inches (hitting on 6s with poison, 5s at short range). You will want to avoid charges (by moving them outside of any forward arcs). But any time that he wastes on these guys will be time that you can get you're saurus into place.

Definitely take Lore of Light as well. Any of the light spells that inflict hits on his unit will cause an extra D6 hits (i.e. 2d6 becomes 3d6) for undead.

That plus Speed of light and Briona's time warp are awesome.
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