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2150 Undivided Chaos with Banner of God

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Lord on demonic mount, 4+ ward save + beserker sword + heal of many eyes (to be put in the unit of trolls)

Chaos Champion, BSB, Banner of the god on steed <(will be with the 20 marauders closest to the trolls)

2x 20 marauders, full command, shield light armor, flail

5 Chosen chaos knights, full command war banner

7 marauders on horse, flail, musician

5 Trolls (3 on the first row, 2 in back, so that with lord that make it 4 wide, 5 is just to prevent lord from been targeted first round or 2)

Beast chariot

7 furies

Beast heard (5x Gor, 12 ungors, to divert charge and take some shooting)

3x Dragons ogres, with additional hand weapon and light armor (as i play mostly against T 3, I prefer more attacks that wounds on 2+ already than their GW, its overkill almost all the time and my opponent dont have much armor save anyway, except for cavalry)

Tactic would look a bit like the refused flank strategy, putting trolls near the banner, and a marauder unit on the other side. Stubborn is of course a big part of the strat here, giving him my marauders and trolls as bait, and hammer him in the flank with my knights and ogres once he's pin down.

I do lack magic offense and defense, but I'm not a magic user anyway, I prefer more unit and I rush to kill his mages instead if needed. In turn 2 I should be on him anyway, and even if I give him the charge, my lord strikes first, and the other units should hold with stubborn. I dont play against fear causing opponent, mostly new HE, Empire, O&G and sometimes dwarfs so I'm not afraid to be outnumbered by fear and autobreak.

Any thoughts/opinions on this army?
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interesting build and not one i've particularly seen before, have u used the list at all???
my mate's chaos army seems to have a hvy theme. How few models can i get in any given points value :)
the only thing that lets his list down on the hunt for the smallest model count is no chaos dragon. I'm sure that will be next :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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