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2150 Undivided Chaos with Banner of God

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Lord on demonic mount, 4+ ward save + beserker sword + heal of many eyes (to be put in the unit of trolls)

Chaos Champion, BSB, Banner of the god on steed <(will be with the 20 marauders closest to the trolls)

2x 20 marauders, full command, shield light armor, flail

5 Chosen chaos knights, full command war banner

7 marauders on horse, flail, musician

5 Trolls (3 on the first row, 2 in back, so that with lord that make it 4 wide, 5 is just to prevent lord from been targeted first round or 2)

Beast chariot

7 furies

Beast heard (5x Gor, 12 ungors, to divert charge and take some shooting)

3x Dragons ogres, with additional hand weapon and light armor (as i play mostly against T 3, I prefer more attacks that wounds on 2+ already than their GW, its overkill almost all the time and my opponent dont have much armor save anyway, except for cavalry)

Tactic would look a bit like the refused flank strategy, putting trolls near the banner, and a marauder unit on the other side. Stubborn is of course a big part of the strat here, giving him my marauders and trolls as bait, and hammer him in the flank with my knights and ogres once he's pin down.

I do lack magic offense and defense, but I'm not a magic user anyway, I prefer more unit and I rush to kill his mages instead if needed. In turn 2 I should be on him anyway, and even if I give him the charge, my lord strikes first, and the other units should hold with stubborn. I dont play against fear causing opponent, mostly new HE, Empire, O&G and sometimes dwarfs so I'm not afraid to be outnumbered by fear and autobreak.

Any thoughts/opinions on this army?
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Not yet, this weekend Ill try it, gonna post either it was good or bad :)
You want to know what could she uses in her army so that she doesnt have that much model? Lord on dragon, make him Tzeentch, full equip and its roughly 800pts. Then you bring a exalted demon, dragons ogre, giants or even a Shaggoth and youre now near 1200. So in a 2000 army, you can have fast heavy hitters all the way, if you leave behind the slow infantry unit.

Bring trolls (dont forget to put character in it for ld :) ), minotaurs, or even chariot, or if you want a mortal theme, chaos warrior cost a lot when you make them chosen with full command and a magic banner. Then again, Chosen Knights cost a lot more but will be able to follow your fast hitting units and they can take a beating.

You can put an all monster army with this, the Chaos Chariot are monsters in there own way and act as core, and manage to have 5-6 units and maybe like 20-25 models for 2000 points.

I hope this was the answer to your question lol!
Of course its kinda hard to win with so few units, but it sure can be fun to play :) And yet, with so many monsters with multiple wounds and high toughness, a army can have a hard time actually killing some!

I've just bought an new HE dragon as a gift to my brother-in-law, and he uses it with Karl Franz in his army with a little remodeling. But I think I would still buy Galrauch and add a Chaos lord on him, our dragons are bicephal, and although the new HE dragon is really nice, we would need to work hard to do a bicephal dragon with that hehe.
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