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Good Evening all.

So starting next month I will be playing in a Escalation League, for the first few months it will not matter if I win or lose games.. (The last month it will be a little more important). But saying that I would like some feed back on my planned list. (I can change the list at any time, but I do score points for having a painted force so this is very key at the start of the League)

I am aware it is very 'sub-optimal', but this will represent the models I have painted for my Iron Warriors army. But as the league is based painting and collecting an army, any advice given will be taken into account on how I expand my force.

SO with all that said:

+ HQ (127pts) +

Chaos Lord (127pts) [Chainfist, Terminator Armour]
Combi-Weapon [Combi-melta]

+ Elites (115pts) +

Helbrute (115pts) [Multi-melta]
Power fist [Heavy flamer]

+ Troops (371pts) +
Chaos Cultists (118pts) [13x Autogun, 8x Autopistol, Heavy stubber, 22x Squad models (champion included)]
Champion's upgrade [Cultist Champion's Shotgun]

Chaos Space Marines (253pts) [Lascannon, Meltagun]
Aspiring Champion [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Close Combat Weapon]
Chaos Rhino [Combi-bolter, Destroyer blades, Searchlight, Smoke launchers]
10x Chaos Space Marine [10x Bolt Pistol, 10x Boltgun, 10x Take a CCW]

+ Fast Attack (137pts) +

Chaos Spawn (32pts) [Mark of Khorne, Spawn]

Raptors (105pts) [Mark of Khorne]
4x Raptor [4x Bolt Pistol, 4x Close Combat Weapon]
Raptor Champion [Bolt Pistol, CCW]

· Warsmith
1,192 Posts
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I also get points for spending money at the store, so feel free to recommend new units.. but I have already picked up these units:

1- Rhino, 10 Chaos Marines (with an Iron Warriors upgrade kit), 5 Raptors/Warp talons, 1 Forgefiend/Maulerfiend.

Also on my painting que I have:
1- Rhino with havoc launcher, 10 marines (one ML), 5 more cultists (INC 2 flamers), and 2 Defilers.. (One Brand New, another that's been stripped)

And then bathing in paint stripper I have:
3- Leman Russ's (One demolisher). 1- Griffon, the bits to build an emplaced earthshaker cannon, and a whole pile of guardsmen/cultists.. ~14 plauge marines, 9~ thousand sons and 10 more marines..

I own a Heldrake but is painted for my old CSM army, so may be stripped at some point soon along side another 20 marines, and two more Rhinos, A Pair of Predators and a pair of dreads.. But I don't plan on stripping these guys for quite some time!
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