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title should have been 2000 pts.

Grandmaster psycannon melta bombs
4 termies with psycannon

termie squad of 8 with incenerators on brother captain (melta bombs) and one guy
in a LRC

2GK w/psycannon
Justicar artificer armor melta bombs

2GK w/psycannon
Justicar artificer armor melta bombs

elite- inquisitor w/ psycannon joins one of the squads

Vindicare assassin

dread w/ lascannon missle launcher

Tell me what you think.
I know no one likes the vindicare, but i have owned the model for 6 years and have yet to use it.
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As for your list, I don't have my codex on me, but that seems like very few items for 2000 points. You also seem to be at least one troop squad short of minimum requirements. Or have I read it wrong?
the 6GKPA + 2 with psycannons + Justicar

are my troops choice as you can see there are two.

as far as the points go the termies are 46 pts a piece, plus the grandmaster is 145. i have 11 termies and a brother captin.. .there is most of my points, plus the land raider crusader. i wish i could get more models,
the brother captain and one termie has incenerators. All the termies count as having power weapons +2 str, so i am only giving up one from the BC and one from a regular termie cqc attack if i get charged, 0 if i am charging.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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