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Ive listed before, but before i start cementing weapons and what not on models, i want to make sure everything is right. Load outs, options, units, everything. Be it good or bad, id like comments/feedback. everything helps. Thanks!

Fellhanded Formation: 605pts
Bjorn w/ Hellfrost Cannon, HF, GWC, Droppod w/ locator - 265pts
Vern Dread w/ GWC, HF, MM, Droppod - 170pts
Vern Dread w/ GWC, HF, MM, Droppod - 170pts

CotGW Detachment

Wolf Lord w/ TWM, Kraken, SS, RA, 1x Fen Wolf - 233pts
Rune Priest w/ Rune Axe, Lvl 2 - 85pts (goes with plasma longfangs using divination)

Iron Priest w/ TWM - 105pts
5 Termie Guard - 255pts
(Leader) 2x WCs
Assault Cannon
2x Combi-Flamer

Fast Attack:
5 Thunder Wolf Cav - 285pts
(Leader) WC&SS
Frost Sword & SS
2x BP&CS

Drop Pod
Drop Pod

4 Long Fangs w/ 3 MLs, razorback w/ LasPlas - 180pts
4 Long Fangs w/ 3 PCs, razorback w/ LasPlas - 180pts


Drop in the formation round 1. i will do what i can to go 2nd.
Put termie squad in a drop pod, leave the other empty so i can get the 3 first turn
Run the TWC death star up the middle behind the razors and make the opponent fight two strong fronts; the TWC deathstar and the dreads and termies in back

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Honestly? I really like it! A good strong alpha strike, some long range support for fast units and strong CC. What's not to love? There's one or two purely personal preferences I'd change but overall, great job man!
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