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I would probably run Tzeentchi+Be'lakor, were I to go for a flying circus--no GUO tax, for one thing, in getting all FMCs, and Be'lakor can give Shrouding to everyone within 6" of him, which works as well as Nurgle DPs for 2+ cover (significantly better if you count that Tzeentchi DPs reroll 1s on saves, but brought back down by the slim chance to fail/have the power denied). Plus Invisibility on somebody is nice.

Take Fateweaver if you want the vital staff of tomorrow reroll and the warp storm reroll, to say nothing of a decent psychic power factory with a lot of mobility and flexibility, or a Staff of Change Lord of Change if you just want to smash things. Rerollable 2+ cover DPs, for that first turn hopping up near Be'lakor, before you calve off to each smash a unit. You can still bring a CSM Mace Prince as a spell familiar'd Summoner, either Tzeentch or a Nrgle independent operator. Perhaps Be'lakor comes in a second allied CSM detachment, if getting the Lash Prince of Slaanesh in there for the AA is important to you (after all, it's basically only FMCs, not above-AV10 flyers, that you can reliably vector strike out of the air).

Nothing wrong with going Nurgle, I just like the thought of turning the GUO into another flyer. And maybe swapping the Soul Grinder for 6ish Screamers for more Armorbane, jinking with the best of them for that rerollable 2+ cover.

Then, well, I have to account for the fact that your username is Khornate and your sig reps your Nurglish forces, so I have to acknowledge you might not have the Tzeentchi minis on hand, and that this is mostly just my waffle about theoryhammer, not working with respect to your list. And that Be'lakor allied in, plus 2 Bloodthirsters and 3 Khornate DPs are also good fun--straightforward smashers with Shrouded 2+s, no fancy Daemonology apart from the 2nd allied detachment's Mace-Prince-with-spell-familiar...

...but if I'm to return to what the list actually has, it looks pretty solid to me. I might swap the Soul Grinder, as wonderfully tough as it is, for 3 Plague Drones with an Icon so they can DS in the GUO with no scatter.
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