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So here's the second attempt, the list has somewhat been flipped on it's head.

+ Baal Strike Force +

Death Company Chaplain

10 man Death Company squad
- Jump packs
- 2x Power fists + boltguns
- 8x Chain swords + bolt pistols
Jumps in, murders.

2x 10 men Sternguard Veteran squads
- 5x Boltguns
- 5x Combi-meltas
Drop Pods
Drop in, combat squad, melta any tank (notably knights) I don't like, then shoots stuff
2x 305 = 610

2x 10 men Tactical squads
- Flamers
- Heavy flamers
- 2x Hand flamers
Drop Pods
Drop in, burn stuff. Perhaps a bit redundant with the Furiosos doing this same thing?
2x 210 = 420

+ Chapter Ancients +

3x Furioso Dreadnoughts
- Frag cannons
- Heavy flamers
- Magna grapples
Drop Pods
- Locator beacons
Drop in, mince the hell out of anything I don't like, likely using their 'shoot in the movement phase' rule.
Honestly these guys have the beacons as much because I could afford 3 and there's 3 Dreads... Would it be better to distribute the beacons? Such as 1 per different unit?


What do we think?
My issues...
I have a lot of template weapons, but potentially lack MeQ and TeQ killing power beyond just lobbing dice at them, especially TeQ.
Weasel some points from ______ and replace the ______ with ______?

No reserve manipulation, I'm slightly at nuffles mercy for how long the first 4 would have to hold out.
Just perform the proper rites and recite the proper litanies beforehand?

Only 1 melee squad. Me likely murder :(
Go Flesh Tearers CAD, drop a Tactical squad and _____ to get some _____?
Down grade the Tacticals to scouts and get some ______?

EDIT: Here's an option.
Replacing the Baal Strike force with a Flesh Tearers Strike force dropping both Tactical Squads and replacing them with the following.
- Sanguinary Priest
- Bolt pistol
- Valours Edge

10 man Assault Squad
- 2x Melta guns
Drop Pod

That leaves 4 more points, up to 9 points left. So basically still 5pts.
That fething bolt pistol... every time

EDIT: I mispointed the Death Company by 1 Drop Pod, so that's actually 40 points I have to play with.
I'm not a big fan of the possible change just above, it adds a lot more punchy, but comes at the cost of perhaps too much shooty, and the fist(s) lack speed without jump packs. Still, a possible variation if ever I find myself unable to control the surging blood lust within :)
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