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good foundation but a couple problems IMO:

firstly are those preds with lascanons? as if they are (145 pts) i would just go for daka preds, as they are good for taking out rhino's and make a mess of most infantry and that is usually the problem with rb spam.

twinlinked lascanon rb's, i would probably go for las/plas but your choice but i think the twin linked isn't worth it IMO

the assault cannons might as well be lasplas or hb, i think ac are good on baals not on rb's.

i also think 2 rhino's of 8 marines with a PF, a sang priest and one of the libs would be good for taking out units, would also make target prioritisation harder

i think the dev's are good idea, but drop the rb and use the points for lascannons and extra bodies for wound absorption and also drop the dread as you'll need the points and it does't fit IMO.

but rb spams are GREAT i love them, and i like when players use them! post how you do :).

hope this helps!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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