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Hello all. Like everyone else, i to am putting together a BA army for a tourny. What can i say, their rules are a classic codex moon jump and the new models (especially lemartes) are pretty darn nice. Also i dont see anyone fielding Lemartes, i mean i know the DC isn't everything it use to be, but they can still put a hurting on something.. i think, thats just what i see on paper. This is a jump pack army, ill explain along the way. Any and all thoughts, comments, questions and concerns are welcome.

Reclusiarch w/ JP - 155pts
Will run with the vanguard squad

Sang Priest w/ PW, JP - 90pts
Sang Priest w/ PW, JP - 90pts
Each will run with a flamer assualt squad

10 Assault Marines w/ PF, x2 flamers - 225pts
10 Assault Marines w/ PF, x2 flamers - 225pts
troop hunters, main body, you get the point

10 Assault Marines w/ x2 meltas - 210pts
armour hunters, objective claimers, will split the meltas up against a lot of armour and DS as needed

7 Death Company & Lemartes w/ PF, PW, JPs - 435pts
Strong assault force, used as needed. Im aware this is an expensive unit, any comments as to this squad not making up its points? any better suggestions?

Fast Attack:
7 Vanguard Vets w/ PW, PF, JPs - 275pts
Again, another expensive unit paired with the reclusiarch, but paired with the DC, these two squads could rip through most opponents i imagine.

Land Speeder w/ HF - 50pts
Land Speeder w/ MM - 60pts
Just good fast heavy weapons, should draw some attention off the preds

Heavy Support
Predator w/ Autocannon - 70pts
Predator w/ Lascannon - 115pts
Primarily they are here to act as shields for the jump troops. I know they probably wont fire much so the jump packs can keep moving, so i kept one of them cheap, the other was just a result of leftover points and the need for a bit more armour pen


Again, any help would be great. Thanks!
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