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>> Heres my list for my Dirty Deviant Slaaneshii army.

>> Hq: Lord: Termi armour, deamon weapon, M.O.S, personal icon pts 145

>> Elite: 6 termies: Reaper, combi flamer, combi-melta, power weapons, chainfist, I,o,s pts:245

>> Elites: 6x possessed: Icon of Slaanesh

>> Elites: 5x chosen: I.o.s, melta gun
Champ: powerfist pts:145

>. Troops: 5 x noise marines: sonic blasters, blast master
Noise Champ: power weapon, (3 units the same) pts:210 per unit

>> Fast attack: 5x bikers: I.o.s, melta gun, flamer
Champion: power weapon pts: 263

Heavy support: 2x predators: Lascannon, heavy bolters, x-armour pts:150 each

heavy support: predator: Auto-cannon, heavy bolters pts:100

>> So thats my Slaaneshii list. All feedback and ideas welcomed. Cheers
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