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Hi there,

Dug out my old fanatasy figures which havn't seen the light of day since 6th Ed and had a few games with them. Managed to get two minor victories against Warrior of Chaos and Orcs N' Goblins. Was wandering what people thought of it and how I can tweak to be a bit more competive;


Highborn, Sword of Might, The Oaken Armour, Annoyance of Netlings, Shield. 243pts


Noble, Spear of Twilight, The Helm of the Hunt, Light Armour, Shield, Great Eagle. 179pts

Noble, BSB, Light Armour, Murder of Spites, Razor Standard. 172pts

Spellsinger, Lvl 2, Dispell Scroll, Terrifying mask of EEE! 175pts


29x Eternal Guard, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness. 393pts
19x Glade Guard. 228pts


3x Warhawks 120pts
3x Treekin 195pts

Treeman 285pts

Highborn and BSB go in the eternal guard, Spell Singer goes in the glade guard.

The idea is to expand to 3000pts by adding more treekin, eternal guard and glade guard and adding in a Spell Weaver
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