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Well heres the kicker- now this actually happened, and I was as shocked as my opponent.

The Hammernators got into combat and removed 3 moves in the first close combat round, then died, the other termies got into combat straight after, again causing 4 wounds that failed to save. I was shcoked!

Anyhow if it wasnt for his destroyer weapon failing to roll sixes, and alot more 1s than to be classed as healthy, it would have been a totally diferent ball game.

...doubt that will EVER happen again!
I can't figure out exactly what you mean here. The termies took three hull points then died? The second unit? What type of knight was it?

There are some nasty knights out there for killing infantry like terminators, but the original two knight types aren't very good at it if you can get the charge. TH/SS is pretty good for the invulnerable but for taking down knights in CC chaos termies are probably better. Multiple chainfists and mark of khorne for four attacks on the charge is brutal
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