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I agree that chainaxes are a bad idea. The only army they are useful against is Orks, but I would call it list tailoring if you planned on fighting them and brought chain axes. Aside from them I cant think of a unit with 4+ armor or worse that berserkers cant already beat in combat. If you have 3 extra points at the end, then sure, add one. But don't plan them into your list.

I also agree about the banners. The larger the unit, the more efficient the banner.

Stick a large blob of zerkers in yourLR or drop it. Put all your vanilla marines in Rhinos with Havoc Launchers. The Havoc Launcher gives the rhino an actual punch and you can fire it after moving 6".

Maulerfiends would go well with this list both as an effective unit and for flavor.

Spawn also go pretty well in a khorne list. You can leave them unmarked since mark of nurgle doesn't fit the fluff and mark of khorne is wasted points.

Anyway, lots of good advice from others so far. Let us know what you come up with.
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