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You're worried about KPs then sending an open-topped immobile vehicle into your opponent's face :p

Don't sweat KPs. Armies that go for KP denial end up bad anyway, so you'll be fine.

Remember that if you take 3 Pods, 2 of them much drop in turn 1. I'd just go for Librarian Furiosos with Wings so they can keep up with your advance.

Rifleman Dreads don't need to be fast, they sit back and shut down armor from afar to make life easier for your army. Having good support elements is important.

Give your Razorbacks TLAC and the suqads inside infernus pistols.

Attack Bikes are good so long as you stay in the FNP bubble.

Does the DC really have to be so big? 5-6 work just fine and you can fit in another Razorback.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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