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I thought of a list very similiar, but have not built it. I think most of it's value comes from suprise though. I was faced with a similiar list (where I was actually assualted by most of enemy army on turn one (Dark Angels black/white list), bikes turbo-boosted their scout move, and then fired MM and assualted on turn 1. I was sorely hurt on turn 1 (vanilla marine armored gun line), but by end of turn 2 I had pretty much tabled my opponent.

I have no doubt the army is good and can be effective, but a few things to consider (which stopped me from making the army the first time)

At most, you are going to kill 3 vehicles on turn 1. Then you will be at very close range - everything stronger than a heavy bolter will be able to glance (and then you will be able to be destroyed by "immoblized" result.

Our troops still do not rock. My main opponents are 'nids, chaos marines (slaneesh), grey wolves, and orcs, and I don't really want to charge any of those units on turn 2 (because i will not have had time to soften them up (and with only 3 units I don't think I could afford a more or less even fight, because in the end I will be out of fighters, and my enemy will have 2-3 more untis to hit me with.)

If your enemy knows what to expect (they've seen the list before), they will probably start with everything off the table. (Granted they will come in slightly piecemel, but your big strength is destoying things early and getting in melee range fast)

Another thing the enemy might do is split thier forces (my current BA army has a vindicator, 3 baal preds, 1 furioso drea, 2 dreads, and combat troops with flamers and meltas. If I created 2 groups and split them, you would be able to take out one side, but while you did it I would be shooting you with the other force (could probably take out all of your transports, and then pound on the rest while it foot-slogged across the board.

I am not saying that your list sucks or that I would beat you, I am just pointing out strategies I have seen and used against similair lists, so that you have a chance to consider how you will deal with those situations.

Something else I have learned from experience, be careful about giving DC dread claws. I know it makes him a killing machine, but it did not take my group long to realize that they could control my game completely by moving a landraider near my SC dread. With claws you can't hurt the land raider, which neutralizes the dread for several turns, or forces you to focus alot of firepower on that LR, which means you aren't shooting much else (i know dread has melta, but LR often survive at least a turn or 2 against a single melta, since only destroyed or explodes will free your dread)
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