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You've stated upfront you don't want too much faith and like 20 strong squads, so I won't comment on those aspects.

However, a few points I would raise are:

1) The cannoness. I have noticed a few people put a lot of wargear on their head girl. I however think they should be kept cheap as chips, as they are pretty good and alot of the wargear doesn't really improve them much.

Having said that, as you are not going faith heavy, the rosarius could be useful, but I definitely think you should drop the mantle. Also consider giving her a book of st. lucius.

2) Command squad. Never been much of a fan of S3 power weapons. Maybe think about upping it to an eviscerator. Heavy Flamer / Melta gun is a really good combo as well, makes you a bit more flexible.

Your inquisitor is horribly expensive for what he can do. Again, I recommend keeping him cheap using the points elsewhere.

3) Your sister squads are fine too. Although maybe consider mixing them up a bit. As I said earlier heavy flamer/melta is really good. Also 4 meltas in the dominions is a bit OTT. I had a lot of use with 2 meltas and 2 Flamers.

Good luck, let us know how you get on with the large squads. Never had enough mini's ti try it myself!

Also make sure all your transports have Extra Armour / Smokes! Standard on all Imperial vehicles since M39!!
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