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Generally Arco's and Penitent Engines arent very good. They do have their uses though. If you low on cash and trying to start an army I'd stay away from them, but if not they look awesome and can be really fun to play with.

On to the list. I feel like its just not versitile enough. 3x 20 strong squads 6-incinhg it across the feild with flamers just dosen't seem that great. Any stand and shoot or mobile army will out manuver, and out shoot you.

No offense but a list described as a "ranged list" that only has a 12" range isnt much of a ranged list. (exc. exorchist) Maybe take one of the squads out and add a retributor squad with heavy bolters and multi-meltas. Then take the other points and make your squads faithful. I know you said you didnt want to be another faith list but thats what the sisters are all about. Its what makes them good so I cant really understand why you wouldnt want lots of faith points.
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