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Well, I think that I have my two current armies done and done, I think it's time to look at one of my first armies, the Sisters. I played them way back when they weren't cool :) And I'm looking at a similar list, but with a few of the new toys and being able to expand squads to 20 girls each. This is mostly a ranged list obviously with my Dominions and Command Squad giving it a bit of a punch. I didn't load up on Faith as I think doing so throws me in the "another faith sisters list", and I want to see if I can still do it without a large amount. It will also give me those "crucial" spots where I can use them to turn the tide or put the pressure on.

Blessed Power Weapon
Mantle of Ophelia
Command Squad
1 Heavy Flamer
1 Flamer
1 Banner Bearer with Sacred Banner
Veteran Sister
Power Weapon and Storm Bolter

Force Weapon
Inferno Pistol
Inquisitorial Mandate

All Riding in an Immolator with Holy Promethium

Callidus Assassin

3 X 20 Battle Sisters
1 Flamer
1 Heavy Flamer

2 X 8 Dominion Squad
4 Meltaguns

2 Exorcists

2000 points exactly
88 Models
3 Faith Points
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