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Vampire Lord (2Pac)
Staff of Damnation, Forbidden Lore (Beast), Crown of the Damned, Biting Blade

Necromancer (Heinrich Junior)
Vanhel's Danse Macabre, Ironcurse Icon

Wight King (John)
BSB, The Flag of Blood Keep, Skeletal Steed, Barding, GW

Wight King (Bob)
Skeletal Steed, Barding, GW

Black Knights x 8
Barding, FC, Royal Standard of Strigos

Grave Guards x 16
GW, FC, Banner of Eternal Flames

Fell Bats x 4


Ghouls x 40

Ghouls x 21


Vampire Lord in the Grave Guard Unit, Necromancer with Ghoul Horde.
The two Wights are going with the Black Knights, the BSB will move between Grave Guard and Black Knights for +4 Wardsave against shooting, magic etc.

Varghulf will give Black Knights Marching and join them on a flank.

Fellbats = Warmachine hunters (Try to get march movement if possible)

Staff of Damnation and Lore of Beast, make my core better fighters and in a horde unit it will give out plenty of attacks. (Hopefully with S4 and T5 from ghouls).

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Firstly the banner of blood keep only effects one unit. The unit the standard is in. So if you have your bsb in the middle of two units, only your Wight gets the ward save. the staff off damnation isnt so useful in my oppinion. Sure one free attack per model, but thats ONLY one attack. Sure str 4 grave guard with KB but thats 4 attacks and 1 from your vampire not worth those points im my oppinion. Also, you gave him forbidden lore, but didnt upgrade his wizard level. This confuses me a little bit. He knows all the spells but what are his chances of getting a good number cast? Or any of the harder to cast spells, as only a level two. I dont understand two wights with the black knights either.
The royal standard of Strigos would be better suited to a unit with more attacks, for my preferance I would place the standard of hellish vigour on the black knights, and have them on the opposite flank from the vargulf, two on one side seems a bit overkill IMO. Why doesnt your Wight have a lance? For the armor and the str? Thats a bit of a lot to read but those are just my first impressions reading your list.
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