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Jump pack/Thunder hammer

10x tactical squad
Power fist
MM-Melta gun

10X Tactical squad
Power fist

5x Scouts
4 snipers
1 ML
Camp cloaks

Fast attack-

10x Assault marines w/shrike
2 flamers

10x assault marines w/captain
2 melta-guns in reserve

3 land speeders

Heavy support-

TL lascannon
Lascannon sponsons



5 sterngaud
5 combi-meltas
in drop pod

Comes out to 1997 i believe. Advice or comments greatly appreciated. Possibly trying to run this list in an upcoming local tourney. Thanks!

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Good at its core (Shrike and Termies, yum) but you take a bunch of odd choices that don't work very well with it (Assault Marines, Whirlwind, Tacs on foot, not enough mech).

Shrike and 10 Termies drop in somebody's face, so you need to keep them in assault range while presenting more threats. You can bust up transports with Rifleman Dreads and Autolas Preds, move to support with Rhino bunkers, fleet Scouts or even more fleetinators, and the like.

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It's a strange and disjointed list, and a little anti-fluff in parts. Raven Guard don't use a lot of speeders according to fluff.

Why isn't the Captain a Chaplain? Gives the reserve strike more spine, really.

What's up with the sternguard? Seems a waste of points. If you're throwaway meltaspamming, ok, I guess, I'd rather have a RAS with Melta/Sgt. Melta than what you have.

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I apologise in advance for chewing up your army list, but thats only because you mentioned you were thinking of using it in a tournament.

I think you should drop the speeders and the sternguard and replace them with some vanguard veterans(with jump packs) and a dread. You can still maintain the hard hitting mobility and you gain some serious mobile firepower with the dread.

You should consider taking a drop pod with one of your tac squads and replace the captain with a chaplain to attach to one of the assault squads.

Other than that, the scouts were a good choice and the whirlwind and predator will certainly provide some hard hitting support.

Once again, sorry if you think I'm being too harsh.:unsure:
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