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First things first, it is indeed a fluffy army but when going to a tournament, well, you'll probably get quite the beating.

First, give the lvl 4 some protection, he's a way to easy target for a lot of things. Sniping spells such as of Death, cannonballs, miscasts will now definately do a wound. Stream of corruption is a good choice, it's always a fun surprise.

The bsb, the doom totem is a fun banner indeed and can be quite powerful with the right combos. But it's best used with a hellcannon, suddenly taking panic tests with -2 isn't so fun. Lore of death can give another -3. You can combo it so that they definately run, or fail fear/terror tests. But nowadays it's harder to panic since bsb's allow re-rolls of all. And since your list has only knights and ogres that cause fear so the doom totem is actually quite a point waste now.

I wouldn't put the lvl 2 in a chariot but the bsb might be a good option for it. (so it's actually just a swap)

The marauders are good solid blocks, but (and this is a personal choice) is a 6+ armour save really necessarry? you can put 4 extra marauders for that, 6+ won't even save that much. It's useful together with shields, but no so with flails. Perhaps also mark of khorne for that extra punch.

Of the ogres, well, I'm not really a fan of them, but if it's what you want then I wouldn't see why not.

Your marauder horsemen, I think you made a small error, they're 132 points, not 162 ;) i think you accidently counted mark of khorne twice.

Knights, (oh how i love them), tzeentch is good, but won't help that much against cannonballs :p you're more with the blasted standard then.

And yeah, i'd put the hounds into two units, two screens are better than one :p

Now I just gave you my oppinion, but even with those adaptions this list is far off from competetive. I can understand you want to go fluffy, but mostly it's hard to combine fluffy and competetive, so you'll have to make a choice. Ofcourse it is possible, but this list won't make the competetive section I'm afraid. If you want to keep this list, be my guest, it's your list, you do with it what you want. But if you want to change it, then just post a new one on here, and we'll help you in either way we can.
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