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Plenty of shooty goodness there. I like it, at least from a strategic perspective. I've kind of blown my load about how the new Codex doesn't really reward playing to fluff, so there's no point in continuing that rant here. The army's got the weight of a "pure" Thousand Sons army backed up by some surprisingly flexible Noise Marine squads. Admittedly, I think obliterators are pretty worthless in the new codex-- higher points than the previous version and less survivability-- but I can also appreciate trying to salvage models. I'm in that process myself, really.

The only suggestion I have is to swap out the havoc launcher on the defiler for a close combat weapon. The thing's a close combat monster now, so you might as well make use of it. Admittedly, I'd drop the defiler altogether since there isn't another armored target, and AV12 isn't enough to stand up to a 2000-point army's anti-tank firepower in its entirety. You could swap it perhaps for terminators, which can provide a surprisingly similar close combat ability with comparable shooting potential when properly equipped.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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