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Ok i want to make a list but barely know what to take, this is what i'll at least field anyway(but suggestions are welcome):
Slann Mage-Priest 275
-Itxi Grubs 25
-Focus of Mystery(lore of shadow), Focused Rumination 50
Tot: 350
Skink Priest 65
-lvl2 35
-Dispell Scroll 25
-Cloak of Feathers 25
Tot: 150

Skink Priest 65
-Lvl 2 35
-Plaque of Tepok 15
-Ancient Stegadon (Engine of the gods, lvl 3) 290
Tot: 405

Saurus Scar-Veteran 85
-Cold One 20
-Light Armour and Shield 8
-Burning Blade of Chotec 25
-Carnosaur Pendant 20
Tot: 158

Well that's the part i am most sure about.
Other things: I'll take this as bodyguards for Slann:
20 Temple Guard 320
-FC 35
-Sun Standard of Chotec 40
Tot: 395
I'll take this too
20 Saurus Warriors 220
-Spears 20
-FC 30
Tot: 270

Ok now i need help:
-Should I take some Razordons for the fire support?
- I was thinking of taking 2 units of 12 Skink Skirmishers.
- Should I take Kroxi's they are fast but they aren't that strong and i doubt if they will be worth the points.
- Are the Terradons worth it, or shouldn't i field them?

So I got 1728 points, what should I do with the rest, and should I change something in the characters?

Plz help, a sample list would be really nice.

thx, the-graven
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