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I am helping to sell this army for a friend, who is a very good painter, and these pics really don't do the models justice!

Anyway onto the details;

This 2000pts Daemon army contains all painted miniatures and all ready for a game. You might as well save your effort and buy this brilliant army for yourself :p.

It has, One Greater Daemon Lord, Two Daemon Heralds of Khorne, One Daemon Herald of Tzeentch, Five Flamers of Tzeentch, One Beast of Nurgle, Ten Bloodletters, Nine Daemonettes of Slannesh, Ten Plaguebearers, Seven Horrors of Tzeentch and One Khornate Daemon Prince.

Oh, and it comes with a Case and the Daemons codex, and templates!

Some pics:

The asking price is £250 the lot!

The attached PDF has got more pics!

Please PM me if you're interested as I will need to forward my mates contact details onto you :)


EDIT: The owner would like be to say that he wants to sell it in one fell swoop, rather than in bits.. Cheers!
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