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Company Command Sqd, bolt pistol power weapon

Platoon Hq , Capt. Al'Rahem, 2 flamers, platoon standard, medic

1st sqd , sgt w/ plasma pistol, plasma gun
2nd sqd, sgt w/ plasma pistol, plasma gun
3rd sqd, sgt w/ plasma pistol, plasma gun
Special weapons sqd, 3 plasma guns

Vet sqd w/ grenade launcher , Demolitions, Chimera w/ hvy stubber, hunter killer

Vet sqd w/ grenade launcher, Demolitions, Chimera w/ hvy stubber, hunter killer

Platoon Hq w/ boltgun

1st sqd w/ missle launcher
2nd sqd w/ missle launcer

Hvy weapons sqd w/ 3 lascannons

Fast Attack:

Heavy Support:
LRMBT w/ hull lascannon
LRMBT w/ hull lascannon

Ord. Battery w/ 3 griffons

the second infantry platoon is there to spend the remaining points .. was considering a stormtrooper sqd with 2 melta guns or 2 plasma guns

let me know what you think ... and thank you in advance

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I would swap the SW's between the Infantry Squads and the Vets, so give the Vets the Plasma Guns and the Infantry the GL's. Also drop the PP's. BS3 Plasma isn't that great..far more effective at BS4. Maybe think about giving the SWS a combo of Flamers and Demo Charges..still does damage to MEQ lists.

I'm not a fan of Lascannon HWS's...I think you'd be better served by taking another Infantry Squad with a HWT embedded in it, and add the spare points to the below total.

With a barebones CCS I see a waste of their BS4 and zero weaponry making use of it. If it's mainly for Orders for that second Platoon you need Voxes, and you could at least give it a HWT to give it some shooting...a BS4 Lascannon is good, or if you want to be in cover give it a Mortar. An Astropath would help your Outflankers be more effective.

I would also drop the PW, the Medic, the Doctrines, Stubbers and HKM's..that's 140 pts to spend. Overall you could have 180 - odd points to spend, as I just think it could be spent more effectively..more Vets/Infantry/transports/weapons/a 3rd FA choice.

I like your FA and HS choices...not necessarily exactly what I'd choose, but that's fine.

My 2c anyway...all the best in the Tourney regardless of what I wrote:victory:

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First off some of this may be just my 2 cent it’s all in how you play but this would make your list have more punch

If you’re going to rush the rapid fire range I would take commissars over vox casters and pick up some power weapons over plasma pistols same price and will win you the battle if some MEQ/TEQ targets counter you in assault.

The SWS should take demo charges if you outflank the chance of dropping 2 per unit is devastating. For 5 points less than 3 plasma guns.

My two favorite combos for CCS is regimental standard/vox/heavy weapon (drop commissars for 1 vox per blob.) you spend less than a commissar option and close results with rerolls on ld8.

My second being 4 special weapons inside a chimera. It’s cheaper and shootier than a vet squad at the expense of being a scoring unit. + would get in range of your outflanking units quickly for extra orders.

3 Lascannons in an ld7 3 model squad is very risky. 3 inside a 30 man squad with buffs are totally different.

If you’re doing demo take short range melta guns, if you’re going GL just save the extra 60 points towards a new unit like a chim for the command squad, trick it out to ride next to the vet chims.

The hell hounds would support a spearhead with the vets nicely great choice

The LRBTw/Lascannon is a great choice if you move some points around pask is very good in that tank. Great choice.
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