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~Librarian, nullzone/avenger(or smite?) 100pts
Avenger is better. You don't need to roll to hit, got +1 strength and still enough AP to toast power armour.

~5x Sternguard, pf, 3x combi melta, 2x meltagun 175pts

~Rhino, sb, ea 60pts
Don't need power fist really. With that amount of meltas you will pop tanks and you don't want to get out your tank and find yourself bogged down in close combat.

-6x Sternguard, 2x combi melta 160pts

-Rhino, sb, ea 60pts

-10x Tactical, ml, flamer, pw, mb 190pts

-Razorback, TLLC, ea 90pts
5 Marines don't win combat so I'd ditch the power weap. If you really want a power weap and melta bombs take a fist, more attacks against vehicles and has better advantages. Have a read of this: http://www.imperiusdominatus.com/2010/01/power-fist-vs-power-weapon-melta-bombs.html

-10x Tactical, ml, plasma gun, pw, mb 200pts

-Razorback, TLLC, ea 90pts

-5x Tactical, pw, mb 110pts

-Razorback, TLLC, ea 90pts
See above for melta bombs and power weaps.

-3x Typhoon, mm 300pts (deploy separate/not in a squad)

-3x Predator, sponson laz 360pts
Looks alright to me.
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