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I know I am lacking a little AT power..so other than that, how does this look?


Captain - Terminator Armour, Dual LC - 155

Honour Guard - 5 PW, 3 SB, Chapter Banner, Blood Champ, Sang Nov - 249
--LR Crusader - HK, MM - 270

Librarian - Epistolary, SB, Unleash Rage, Wings of Sanguine - 153


10 man Tac - Flamer, ML- 170

5 man DC - 3 PW, 2 PF, 1 PP, JP - 285

DC Dread - Dual Blood Talons, Magna Grapple - 140


7 man Tac Termie Squad - Cyclone - 310

Chaplain - Terminator Armor - 130

Heavy Support

Dreadnought - AC, ML - 120

Total: 1987

I can make a few changes, but overall the list is kinda set.

About 15-20 points to play with to try and squeeze some AT into the list.

Plan is to DS the LR w/ Captain and HG behind lines, jump Libby to strong flank along with DS my DC to join the Libby. Slog my Flamer Tac Squad, Termies and DC Dread across the board(we always play short table so shouldn't be too bad..), and leave my ML Tac Squad and Support Dread back for fire support.

My Support Dread has options (as in..I have the pieces to swap..) of TL LC, AC, ML, and DCCW /w SB. I could also drop my DC Dread and opt for another Support for a little more range support. Just a matter of swapping arms.

I know there are areas of improvement for this list..I just need to know a general consensus as to where it is lacking so I'm not getting my head handed to me on a silver platter..

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You're running a BA list at 2000 points, with 15 troops, where 5 of them are in scout armour, 5 of them don't score, and none of them are assault marines.

Re-read what I just typed.

If a game you play involves objectives, then you opponent is going to hand your own ass back to you on a silver platter, every game.

Lose the LR and give the Honour guard JP's - give someone a meltagun in there, so you can POP the hell out of something as soon as they arrive via DS, with decent of angels.

Reduce the size of the terminator squad.

Is the captain really necessary? The librarian is way better. Why have both?

Spend free points on more troops.

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I am limited right now with what I have, so I am trying to make the most of it. My group doesn't play objective games, so scoring isn't an issue except in Tournaments, at which point I'll try to field more scoring units. Our games are Annihilation.

Dropping the LR will allow me to do 4 things with current model count. Field the rest of my scouts, field the rest of my Tactical, field another Term, and add a Sang Priest with my Terminators. Currently, this list pretty much uses all models I currently have with the exception of 2 Terms, 3 Scouts, 5 Tacs, 1 DC, a Sang Priest, a Sanguinor "Counts as", and a Techmarine.

I have to use what I have..and unfortunately, right now, it's not alot. I am going to off-load a AoBR Ork set and try to trade for another AoBR Marine set to give me more Tacs.

Using my full list before the BA 'dex came out as a Vanilla DIY chapter, I managed to demolish several CSM forces..but then again I also had the dual Master setup with dual Orbitals.

I'll drop the Scouts and field the rest of the Tacticals and just CS them. But as far as the rest goes, I'm kind of limited on what options I have.

I appreciate the feedback though.
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