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Nearlly finished on a strange list I want to try out, there are a few units I rarely see being used, I only have them in my list as I got them so cheap on ebay...


Chapter Master
> Bike
> Power Fist
> +2 armour
Command Squad
> Bike Mounted
> Company Champion
> Apothecary
> combi melta
> combi flamer

x10 Close combat scouts (combat squad)
> melta bomb
x5 Bike Squad
> sgt power sword
> flamer
> attack bike with MM
x10 Tactical Marines
> x2 flamer
> Sgt Power Fist

x5 Assault Terminators
> Hammer & Shields
Dreadnought multi melta
> heavy flamer
Drop Pod

Thunder Fire Cannon
Land Raider (termies inside)

"SECONDARY Detachment Inquisition"


x10 Acolytes
> x3plasma guns
> +4 armour
> las cannon upgrade


1999 pts

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May want to drop that whirlwind for a land speeder or two mate. While it may be useful against hordes a well kitted land speeder can take several weapons to fulfil several roles. and im positive there's a variant that lets you add a cyclone missile launcher. other than that i like this list.
That's another option I've not thought of, I've not really done the maths, I've just saw 65 points spare which was what it costs for a whirlwind. I suppose the only advantage of the whirlwind is it can sit at the edge of the board relatively out of site.
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