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Hey all, this is a tournament list I've been kicking around. I'm wondering if this list has any major flaws. I realize that the Harlequin detachment isn't the best use of points, but I REALLY want to have a troupe of harlequins for the army's paint theme.

Eldar: Craftworlds CAD


Autarch (125)
- Banshee Mask
- Fusion Gun
- Shard of Anaris


Fire Dragons (120)
- 4x Fire Dragons
- Fire Dragon Exarch (Fusion Gun, Melta Bombs)

Fire Dragons (120)
- 4x Fire Dragons
- Fire Dragon Exarch (Fusion Gun, Melta Bombs)


Guardian Defenders (120)
- 10x Guardian
- Platform with EML

Windriders (189)
- 7x Windrider with SL

Fast Attack

Crimson Hunter (160)
- Exarch
- Two BL

Swooping Hawks (106)
- 5x Swooping Hawks
- Swooping Hawk Exarch

Wave Serpeant (140)
- Holo-fields
- Shurikan Cannon
- TL Bright Lances

Heavy Support

Dark Reapers (125)
- 5x Dark Reapers

Falcons (450)
- Falcon (Holo-fields, shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon)
- Falcon (Holo-fields, shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon)
- Falcon (Holo-fields, shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon)

Eldar: Harlequins Fomation Detachment (Cast of Players)

Death Jester (60)
- Stock

Shadowseer (100)- ML 2
- Mask of Secrets

Troupe (183)- 4x Players (stock)
- 4x Players (w/embrace)
- Troupe Master (w/caress)


So the strategy is to sit the guardians in terrain on an objective and use the EML to help thin out troops or take shots at the occasional flyer. The Windriders are there to harass units and protect the Wave Serpent (either by shooting at units or charging them in dire circumstances). In the Wave Serpent you have the Death Jester, Shadowseer, Troupe, and Autarch. This unit should be able to thin out hordes. They will ideally stick away from MEQ units, but their numbers should help if they do get into that situation. With the Mask of Secrets / Death is not Enough, I can either push units away or closer to my mass of clowns, depending on the situation. The Autarch makes the unit fearless and prevents overwatch with the banshee mask. The Autarch also helps with the reserves (three falcons, crimson hunter, swooping hawks).
The Falcons will deepstike and contain the Fire Dragons and the Dark Reapers. The Swooping Hawks will deepstrike as well and provides a lot of versatility and can even help the harlequins by cracking open transports. The Crimson hunter is there for Anti-Air.

I'll admit, I've never played eldar and haven't played much since early 6th edition. Any advice? Will any of this work together?


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Hi man, this list will definetely work and i appreciate the fact that you selected a funny and flexible list instead of spamming D weapons and scatterbikers fro hell :laugh:
I can see this bunch of pointy ears doing pretty well bar against some shitty deathstar of cheese!
Can't really suggest much modifications!
Thanks for the response! Yeah, I left 40k because of the flying circuses... spamming is not what I do. The deepstriking falcons really caught my eye and my first thought was to build a list around that.

So far suggestions have been to tweak some of the weapons on the grav tanks and possibly try to squeeze in a warlock (or two). Also splitting the jetbikes into two squads for flexibility.

Hopefully the tournament opens up the lists to three non-repeating detachments so I can stick three of the aspect warrior squads into an apect host for the +1 BS!
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