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Lugft Huron- 235
Assult terminators 3x TT/SS-215

Roll: Deathstar unit. Thoughts: I need Lugft to lead my claws, its Lugft… He is amazing. Not too bad on the table top either. Two orbitals rocks, his weapon isn’t bad, it hits a I5 S6 shred so that’s good. The best thing about him is his heavy flamer. It adds some anti-hord. Overall the best unit, but it’s the best beatstick the astral claws have to offer. Its fluffy and can still roll most. If you don’t know much about this forge world model, here ya go. He is awesome looking and his fluff is.. just so good.
Rules: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/B/badabupdate-v2.pdf Located on page 20.
He looks like this: https://www.coolminiornot.com/295082

Land Raider- 250

Roll: Transport the deathstar; anti-armor. Thoughts: If anything is going to be able to make the enemy stop shooting at your very strong shooty army, it’s a deathstar… in a land raider. If my enemy shoots at it, well damn, now my bikes are safe to grav you and dump plasma on your elites or just bolter your men down. If not.. well .. I hope you brought the lube, the tyrant of badab is gona stick his claw somewhere.

Centurion Devastator Squad- 190
3x missile launcher- 30
3x twin linked las cannons- 60
Omniscope- 10

Roll: Long range anti-armor anti-tank. Thoughts: Two wounds keeps the heavy guns alive. Split fire and night vision is amazing for popping that land raider turn one or laying some real hurt into something. Twin-linkyness. I love these guys, they do so much hurt at such range.

Thunderfire Cannon- 100

Roll: Anti-infantry Thoughts: Duh, it’s a cannon.

Stormtalon Gunship- 110

Roll: Anti-air/anti-infantry Thoughts: I want to bring more anti-air, but don’t have room in my heavy support, so I took fast attack to fill the roll. Two of these guys would make me feel a lot better, but I cannot seem to find room.

7 strong Tactical Squad- 70
Heavy Bolter- 10

Roll: Scoring unit, points fill, troop choice for the claws to fill force organization. Thoughts: I had the extra points to make it a 7 man group or this would be a 5 man group. I hate tacticals, boring… zzzzz. Bikes are amazing but the claws needed a troop choice and I decided that a little more anti-infantry would be nice since I am bring las cannons all over the place.

Kor’Sarro Khan-125
Moondrakkan- 25

Roll: Allowing bikes as troops, and all the goodies that come with him. Too good to pass up. Thoughts: Khan is strong and I like bikes. . . wait, you wanted more? K, fine, it fits the fluff of the claws with the lightning strikes style of play, plus this makes my list much more competitive.

5 strong Bike Squad- 105
2x grav gun- 30

5 strong Bike Squad- 105
2x grav gun- 30

5 strong Bike Squad- 105
2x grav gun- 30

5 strong Bike Squad- 105
2x grav gun- 30

Roll: Anti elite/troops/anything else really. Thoughts: Bikes are just too good to pass up with an army that uses them like the claws did. Taking Khan and using an awesome model I found from EU: Scibor 28mm SF Angel Knight Motorcycle. You should really Google that model, its sick.

Total= 1,998 points.

Note from the author: All of them will be painted as Astral Claws, just using the scars to add some umph to the list. Kinda like hiding other astartes in the ranks of the Claws.. hmmm why does that sound like something they would do?

My question: It works in my head, how well on the table? Anyone see something that can be improved? I enjoy the small elite army over the hoard. Anyone with tactics that I should not overlook while I'm playing? How would YOU use this list?
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